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“I never would have finished my book without Prolific Writers Life.” 

Keiko O’Leary

“The accountability factor is huge. I sign up. I show up. I get my writing done.”  

Paula Wagner

“I couldn’t find time to write on my own, but found the time and motivation with the work sessions here!”

Ryan Hicks

“I find that I’m exponentially more productive at Prolific Writers Life Words Count sessions.”

Tanya Brockett

14 days free, then $19.99/month

If you’ve been working on the same book for too long, this is the solution. Prolific Writers Life is the community you can count on to help you get your book done. 

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Start Your Free Trial

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If it’s not for you, just cancel before the end of 14 days. 

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Join fellow writers and trusted experts in live online events that give you time to work on your book. 

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Get Your Book Done

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With scheduled time to write and expert guidance, you will get your book done. 


Don’t let another year pass by without your book being done.

Imagine the joy of being out in the world and seeing someone reading your book. 

14 days free, then $19.99/month

Prolific Writers Life offers a variety of online work sessions. Want to find out which ones are right for you? 

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with Dr. Lorraine Haataia.

Experience the Feeling of Finishing Your Book

Welcome to Prolific Writers Life. We’re an online writing community with live work sessions, events, and workshops. If you’re struggling with writer’s block, trying to find time to write, or feeling overwhelmed with marketing your book, you’ll discover solutions here. We welcome all writers and all types of writing—from creative writing such as novels, poems, and screenplays to professional writing like blogs, newsletters, ghostwriting, and technical writing. Join an online writing community where writers get their projects done.

14 days free, then $19.99/month

You're in the right place if you want to...

Start Writing

Writer Unsplash Photo by Wes Hicks Prolific Writers Life video conference webinar

Whether you’re new to writing, writing in a new genre, or haven’t written in a while, we’re here to help you get started on writing. 

Finish Your Book

woman writing Prolific Writers Life

Review your upcoming writing plan and goals. Establish habits to finish what you start. We have plenty to offer to help you finish your writing project. 

Make a Difference

Author greeting readers at a book signing Prolific Writers Life Build Your Author Platform

Come learn from our experts. Your book matters. We’re here to help you make a difference in the world. 

As a member of our online writing community, you can:

  • Attend live online classes to expand your writing skills.
  • Connect with writing industry experts and fellow writers.
  • Transform your writing practice with live work sessions.
  • Finish your writing projects!

14 days free, then $19.99/month

Share the journey with fellow Prolific Writers Life members

Share the journey.

Many writers are frustrated because they don’t have the writing life they want. Prolific Writers Life is the writing community that’s always there for you. Get the expert solutions you need, connect with fellow writers, and build the writing life you’ve always dreamed of. 

Make Connections With Writing Industry Experts

Whether you’re an established author or a beginning writer, we’re here to help you make connections with your fellow writers and industry experts so that you have the network, confidence, and resources to finish, publish, and promote your writing. The writing life can be lonely, but it doesn’t have to be. Our online writing groups and writing workshops are always near you. Find friendship and collaboration, improve your writing skills, and network with experts at our writing events. Get started today.  

At our online writing community you can...

Sharpen your writing.

Join us for daily Words Count sessions. Successful writers find ways to overcome writer’s block, procrastination, and distractions that get in the way of finishing projects. Establishing a daily writing practice is essential for any writer. Learn strategies for  blogging, journaling, dictating, sending newsletters, writing books. Master the writing process.

Learn from experts.

Our expert instructors are here to help with your project: editors, agents, authors, writing coaches, content marketers, event managers, copywriters, book coaches, book cover designers, audiobook narrators, librarians, publishers, PR agents, bloggers. 

Share the journey.

Participate in events and get writing tips to help you master writing skills.  Collaborate with fellow writers. Find a writing partner, find a writing mentor, find a writing community. Learn the basics of social media apps and social media marketing. Expand your audience.

Finish your projects.

Whether you want to write a bestselling book, finish writing a book, upload an ebook to kindle, record an audiobook, sell your screenplay, turn your book into a workshop, decide whether to self publish or sell to publisher, our experts are here to help you finish your writing projects

14 days free, then $19.99/month


Words Count Sessions

Finish your writing projects with Prolific Writers Life Experts at Words Count Linton McClain Maya Carlyle Lorraine Haataia Keiko O'Leary

Get your writing done!

In live, online work sessions, focus on your project, get 45 minutes of writing done, and make progress on your writing goals.

…because your words count.

Planning & Goals Check-in

Review your upcoming writing plan and goals.

Join Creative Development Coach Maya Carlyle in an online group coaching session. Create more comfort and confidence in your writing process, and perhaps a few hundred (or thousand) more words. 

Prolific Writers Cafe

Prolific Writers Cafe Lorraine Haataia Tanya Brockett

Bring your questions for the experts.

Join Tanya and Lorraine at Prolific Writers Cafe as they engage with authors and writing industry experts. Get tips, tools, and strategies for publishing and succeeding as an authorpreneur. 


14 days free, then $19.99/month

Books Written by Prolific Writers Life Members

Our members have written books in various genres including action, memoir, nonfiction, novels, poetry, self-help, screenplays, and more. 

Make Your Author Impact by Stephanie Feger

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Thinking Ink Press publishes traditional books as well as limited edition small-format books and postcards. 

Squeaky Cheese Productions

Squeaky Cheese Productions  Narrators, Ralph Scott and Kendra Murray, provide duet/dual/solo narration that magnetizes audiobook audiences. 

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Experience the difference with Pinnacle High Performance Coaching. Linton McClain’s expert coaching guides you through the process of exploring your potential with confidence. 

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