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Collaborate with authors, editors, writers and experts who can give you the guidance you need to bring your words to life. Discover the benefits of forming strategic alliances with fellow writers in your niche at your convenience.


Participate in virtual events hosted by trusted experts. Take your productivity to a new level. Stay involved and you will gain access to the tools, opportunities and inspiration you need to bring your words to life.  


Sign up as a Host and set up your store. Host events when you want. Set your own schedule and prices. Profit by sharing your know-how and experience. The more you contribute, the more you earn. 

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Participate in events to keep you on track with your writing objectives. Prolific Writers is a co-working community open 24/7 around the world. Regardless of what time of day you prefer to work, you’ll find others who are on your schedule.



I’m so excited to participate in Prolific Writers, a “virtual perpetual writers’ conference” where writers can participate in and offer accessible, professional, affordable workshops, resources and networking opportunities. Its innovative platform and commitment to community are a win-win for writers.

Paula Wagner/LifeWork Stories

Usually when you want to hold a seminar or writing group you spend most of your time managing the event. But with Prolific Writers it organizes the event for me so I have more time to write and I also reap the benefits of being in a group myself. 

Mary Pascual / Writer

Working with Prolific Writers has helped me become a more prolific writer. Dr. Lorraine Haataia’s practical advice has forced me to problem-solve some of the inevitable barriers that any writer faces in taking on ambitious goals. Her approach to motivation and time management has been key to finding my own rhythm around a daily writing routine. 

Randall Stafford, MD, PhD Professor of Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine