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I’m so excited to participate in Prolific Writers Life, a “virtual perpetual writers’ conference” where writers can participate in and offer accessible, professional, affordable workshops, resources and networking opportunities. Its innovative platform and commitment to community are a win-win for writers.

Paula Wagner/LifeWork Stories

I like Prolific Writers Life workshops because I not only learn new skills and ideas but I get to network with other writers. I love being part of such an inspiring, rich community!

Mary Pascual / Writer

Working with Prolific Writers Life has helped me become a more prolific writer. Dr. Lorraine Haataia’s practical advice has forced me to problem-solve some of the inevitable barriers that any writer faces in taking on ambitious goals. Her approach to motivation and time management has been key to finding my own rhythm around a daily writing routine. 

Randall Stafford, MD, PhD Professor of Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine

Unsplash Photo by Bench Accounting Prolific Writers Life Host

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