Friendships and Fans

Relationships are important in the sense that Prolific Writers must be open with their friends and loved ones with their writing goals. It's important to let people know what you're trying to accomplish and why. By getting the buy-in and support from your family and friends, you're more likely to reach your goals. In addition to relationships among family and friends, it's equally important to build friendships with fellow members in Prolific Writers who are also seeking to be prolific in their fields. By building trusting friendships, you can get things done much faster. Consider The Speed of Trust by Stephen Covey. When you know and trust someone, you can act fast with them. You don't have to give a lot of background information or take the time to start building trust before you can move forward. In some cases, you can send a quick text and get some great advice or someone to help you over come a hurdle. Love is an important core value for Prolific Writers. this means that people are devoted to their fellow members and to their target audience. They hope to meet a goal and they now that love builds trust and that unconditional love means they're going to be accepted and remain in a judgment free zone in order to do the work they want to do and achieve the goals they have through their writing. It's critical to have compassion for the people you serve and to give them messages, direct or indirect, that you do indeed care deeply about them. When fellow members feel that others will be gentle with them and that they can trust the people they're working with, it makes it much easier to build up and move forward for those occasional encounters and attacks from people whose egos feel the need to attack. Prolific Writers check their ego at the door and come to discuss openly and freely with fellow members what's working best for them and give suggestions as to what others might find useful.

Generosity and Gratitude

Generosity and gratitude go hand in hand. As members give and receive tips and resources, they recognize through each transaction that, as they freely give, they expand the strength of fellow members. Giving is a means of acknowledging that you do indeed have something to offer. You can't give what you don't have. As you share with fellow members what you've learned and what works for you, you gain awareness that you have already overcome what might still be a struggle for someone else. Members are generous as they meet with and listen to fellow members. Members offer strategies and techniques freely that have worked for them. It's common to forget to say thank you or reflect back and let people know how much they have helped. Members practice the art of gratitude and show thanks for what they receive from fellow members. As members share tips and resources with each other, everyone feels thankful that they now have some new tools in their toolbox.


Peace is another goal of Prolific Writers. It's critical that the members are peaceful with each other and that trust prevails. The goal of what the writers write is to maintain peace. Prolific Writers find ways to share their messages in a way that is the least offensive possible to any side of a matter. The goal is to remain as inclusive as possible to minimize any polarization that can happen if a writer attacks an opposing side of an issue. Prolific Writers strive as much as possible to share messages that are appealing to a broad audience.


Happiness is very important for Prolific Writers. As with anything that a person must practice intensely, it's important that the person love what they're doing. A person isn't going to win a marathon or receive an Olympic Gold medal or break a Guinness World Record if she doesn't love the process of doing it. It's certainly more sustainable to love what you're doing and to stick with what you love to do. Prolific Writers gather to discuss books, films, videos, blog posts and more. The goal is to learn from each other in a fun way and an exciting manner of self-discovery to mention what's working for him or her. The goal is to try new things and find out what makes the writing process more fun and enjoyable. This is what will help to make words flow faster. In addition, it's important that writers write about topics that they have a strong interest in. It's important to love what you're writing about and it will make it much easier and much more fun to get back to the pen and notebook or keyboard day after day. You have to have a message you want to share and be willing to talk about it frequently and in depth. Prolific Writers, in general, are influencers and have a message they want to share in a particular area.


Communication is one of the top values of a prolific writer. Not only do Prolific Writers strive to become better at communicating through the written word, in fact this is their top goal within the organization, but the Prolific Writer also realizes the importance of good communication through speaking, replying to comments from fans and followers and in communicating effectively within the organization itself. Prolific Writers realize that it's important to sing a son with melody, tell a joke in the right sequence and to set the stage for a good play. Within each genre, there are additional communication skills that go beyond the written word. In fact even books get turned into audio books. A member can transcribe a podcast, a YouTube video, or a live talk into written text and repurpose those words into written words. The Prolific Writer is eager to find ways to expand his reach and to write more and to help their audience more. If someone is writing a book, she also realizes the importance of good communication when communicating with editors, agents, publishers and fans.

Open Minded Creativity

Keeping an open mind is of utmost importance. The global view is within this value. There's so much to learn by studying other cultures and supporting people wherever they may be. Through Prolific Writers, writers have the opportunity to reach out to writers from all over the world. The writers are telling stories from their perspective and as other members listen, they can practice having an open mind about what they're hearing, reading and experiencing. One of the goals of prolific writers is to help share messages across the globe and to get the information to where it can matter most. Prolific Writers write for a reason. They have a message to share and they'd like to share it widely. Even if that message has a main goal of entertainment, there are lots of opportunities within to share other messages related to social issues, or thinking in new ways. The goal of the Prolific Writer is to produce captivating stories, jokes, letters, articles, chapters, blog posts and so on. The goal is to touch people and encourage them to take action in some way.


In order to become a prolific writer, writers know that it takes a certain amount of self-control to achieve their goals. At first self-control or any sort of constraint related to scheduling time to write, for example, might feel like an anchor and a negative thing, but prolific writers know that it does take good habits, routines and processes in order to be a prolific writer and produce a lot of works to share with the world. Each writer has to design their own habits, routines and build their own system in order to succeed. In many cases, people are practicing common habits and routines in order to achieve their word count and other goals and measures, but the most important thing to remember is that a writer can easily have a hobby of writing for the fun of it, but someone who wants to be a prolific writer will need to exercise some self control and discipline to achieve results to the point that your fans and followers would also see you as prolific. It's not about getting this title stamped on you from others, but to do it long enough that it becomes obvious that you are prolific and your fans and followers can count on you to keep producing more content to help them along their way.

Personal Growth

Personal growth is an important part of becoming a Prolific Writer. A writer is regularly learning and teaching just through the nature of writing. A Prolific Writer is writing and sharing and hopefully getting comments and feedback from their target market on what they're doing well and what they might improve upon. While writers are seeking writing from critique groups, prolific writers are seeking feedback from followers who care about the subjects they write about. As they receive feedback, they need to remember that it's not something to take personally, but it's critical to accept that someone saw something from a different perspective and it's helpful to know what they think and to remain grateful that they took the time to comment. A Prolific Writer is interested in meeting the needs of the broader population, so she learns to roll with the critical feedback that could be interpreted as painful. The Prolific Writer knows that she has a solid support group through the Prolific Writers membership and can keep going despite the fact that there might be a few people who disagree.


Another important value is health. A Writers must stay in good health in order to write a lot. The better their health, both physical and mental, the more capable they will be who produce a lot of works. People can continue to write through injuries, healing and physical and mental issues, but through Prolific Writers, we strive to stay in the best possible health both physically and mentally. Suggesting to write when drunk, for example is not revered in this organization. Despite the fact that some writers have succeeded in spite of their addictions, we recognize that our best works will most likely be produced with a clear mind. Everyone comes with challenges both physical and mental. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere that supports good health and healing. The very act of writing is, in fact, quite therapeutic.

Sense of Humor

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